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Transforming Travel
for Personalized Brands

We match travelers with trips that fit their interests and favorite brands, saving time and money with seamless booking integration

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Innovative travel professionals captivate audiences for brands

We consider travel as something personal and want to create a new way of experiencing it - a way that bonds the traveler and the brand together. 


At Your Brand Travel, we think that the future of brand growth depends on the experiences they offer, how they engage with their audience, and the emotional connection that comes from providing personalized experiences that are closely linked to their products. It's about creating those memorable moments that set brands apart and leave a lasting impression on their customers.



Tamer Khairy, an entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in the tourism industry, began his journey while studying Business Development in the Hospitality Industry. His project aimed to use travel to enhance customer loyalty.

As he delved deeper into his research, Tamer noticed that major brands across various industries were starting to include travel in their strategies. However, these efforts required significant investments, primarily focused on loyalty but not directly connected to their core business.

He envisioned a solution where travelers could easily access their favorite brands, find all their travel essentials at competitive prices, and ultimately save time and money. This idea inspired him to create a platform that could offer thousands of brands the same travel opportunities at a fraction of the cost. His objective was to seamlessly integrate travel into these brands, boosting loyalty and increasing sales in their primary operations.


Tamer Khairy first presented his idea to Karin Gydemo Grahnlöf and Linda Wasell, seasoned travel professionals and consultants to various tourism organizations, tour operators, and hotels in the Nordics. They loved the concept and saw the possibilities it could create, making them the first to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. Tamer then shared his concept with his classmates Mats Eriksson and Mansour Norozi, and together, they decided to partner up. And just like that, Your Brand Travel was born.

Based on feedback from major Swedish brands, hotels, travel providers, and travelers, we conducted numerous interviews and collaborated with our talented UX designer Robin Branhild, who joined the team. Together, We carefully honed the design, step by step, to ensure it met the needs and preferences of all stakeholders involved.

We've had the privilege of being a part of BizMakers Business Incubator and later, Startup Norway's Nordic Travel Tech Incubator. Recently, Your Brand Travel was classified as an innovation with our effective AI solution that allows brands to make personalized recommendations to their customers. With our home base in Örnsköldsvik, in the beautiful Swedish High Coast, the company is rapidly growing.


In 2023, we were truly humbled to receive the recognition of being selected as finalists in the Venture Cup Sweden Northern Region competition and recognized for one of 103 innovative young ideas in Sweden for 2023 by Företagarna, Sweden's largest organization for entrepreneurs. They feature our 2 youngest founders Mansour and Robin, It was a significant milestone for us.

Throughout this year, our team has been working tirelessly on the business development phase. We've been actively engaging with various stakeholders, forging partnerships, and spreading awareness among brands in Sweden, which is our home market. This is a crucial step as we prepare for our future international expansion.

The primary focus of this year has revolved around the development of our platform. We've been dedicated to creating a robust and user-friendly platform that meets the needs of both brands, travel suppliers and travelers. Our platform is set to launch with our first brand in December 2023, marking an exciting step forward in our journey. We're eager to see the impact it will have on the travel industry and the opportunities it will unlock for our partners.

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Founded with the vision of making life easier for travelers 

We simplify the process for travelers to quickly and affordably book and purchase all the products they need for their trip

At Your Brand Travel, we cherish dedication, expertise, and passion. Our team blends seasoned entrepreneurs with newcomers driven by curiosity and enthusiasm, all united to transform travel experiences

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