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Connecting brands values with customer dreams

Your Brand Travel is a Swedish startup with the mission to help organizations boost customer loyalty through brand recognition that extends from their original portfolio into the world of travel and experiences.


We help you drive brand loyalty and company profit

We consider travel as something personal and want to create a new way of experiencing it - a way that bonds the traveler and the brand together. 


At Your Brand Travel, we believe that the future of brand growth depends on the experiences they deliver, how they interact with their audience, and the emotional connection built from offering personalized experience and value.

Our Story


It all started when entrepreneur Tamer Khairy started a project during his Business Development In The Hospitality Industry studies. The basis of the project was about how travel can be used to increase loyalty. Tamer analyzed traffic of travel websites, comparing the result with websites for online brands, finding the difference massive. 


From that conclusion, he saw an opportunity to create a win-win solution, using travel and local experiences to help organizations increase loyalty for both customers and employees while simultaneously boosting sales and revenue. 


Tamer shared his idea with classmates Mats Eriksson och Mansour Norozi and decided to partner up. And just like that, Your Brand Travel was created. 

We've had the privilege of being a part of BizMakers Business Incubator and later, Startup Norway's Nordic Travel Tech Incubator. Recently, Your Brand Travel was classified as an innovation with our effective AI solution that allows brands to make personalized recommendations to their customers. With our home base in Örnsköldsvik, in the beautiful Swedish High Coast, the company is rapidly growing and we’re expecting to launch our first major brand in 2023.


Founded with the vision of making life easier for travelers 

We want to create quality travel & local experiences packages that are relevant, affordable and valuable to both customers and brands.

Meet Our Team

At Your Brand Travel we value dedication, expertise and passion. In our team, we have competent entrepreneurs with years of experience in the travel and startup industry, as well as some newer additions with curiosity, drive and enthusiasm. Together, we are on a mission to change the experience of travel!

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