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Exciting opportunities in travel for any brand

Brands collectively spend billions of dollars annually on advertising to create and protect their branding through brand guidelines and focus on their brand identity. Creating an effective brand helps to turn potential buyers into loyal customers through brand recognition and providing a clear message about what the company represents.

However, many brands remain locked into the industry they began. For example, for many high street retailers, the most significant change to their brand identity has been to become online retailers simultaneously. While this helps cement its image with its target audience, there is a massive potential for any brand to widen its scope and use the power of its brand identity to break into new sectors.

That is where Your Brand Travel comes in

We are a new kind of business that is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Through our white label travel studio, we believe any brand can benefit from entering the travel market, offering custom packages not available directly through other suppliers. Budget brands and luxury companies may have different target audiences, but through effective marketing messages, brands can demonstrate their unique qualities by creating exclusive travel programs that differ from their competitors.

A luxury brand might, for example, elect to provide holiday packages that include both travel and hotel and additional spa treatments, three-course dinners, and local sightseeing tours. Adding together all these individual strands makes the customer more likely to book with the company and feel they are getting quality for their money.

Meanwhile, a brand synonymous with discount prices might want to focus on providing low-cost city break deals by partnering with local businesses to offer discounts on attractions and restaurants. This way, customers feel like they are looked after by a brand that already features in their lives

Travel connects customers and brands

Travel has an undeniable influence on people, and when used correctly, it can be a powerful way to connect with and retain customers by creating brand loyalty that extends far beyond a simple purchase. Large retailers worldwide have recognised the importance of customer loyalty and are increasingly turning to travel to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition and repeat purchases.

Cosco Travel, Carrefour Voyage, Aller Travel, and Virgin Holidays all have one thing in common: they use travel to create a loyalty brand. This allows them to connect with their customers on a deeper level, providing an immersive experience that cannot be found in-store. We are increasingly seeing brands move away from traditional advertising and focus on creating experiences that customers can be a part of, rather than just observing. And what could be more immersive than travel?

Competitive differentiation is vital in the current marketplace, and by partnering with Your Brand Travel, companies can open up a world of opportunities to show their customers that they are much more than just the product or service they provide.

We live in an age where people are looking for brands they can trust to provide them with unique experiences. Your Brand Travel can help your company become that trusted brand.

Get in touch to find out more.

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