Unlock your brand's full potential

Diversify your brand's portfolio by adding travel to your lineup

Your Brand Travel is a Swedish startup with an exciting new concept to help online brands boost customer loyalty through brand recognition that extends from their original portfolio into the world of travel. We manage everything and provide you with a full overview of the operation, allowing you to see every aspect of the process, from bookings to customer satisfaction surveys and earnings.

We work with a wide range of online brands, from small businesses to large enterprises, and we tailor our services to each individual client. Our goal is to help you unlock your brand's full potential by diversifying your portfolio and increasing customer loyalty.

How it Works

We offer an all-in-one platform that connects brands and consumers through travel

Connect your audience to value travel packages and activities that relate to your brand identity and product range. Show your customers the perfect places to travel with your products. Integrating travel into your offerings builds brand loyalty through unforgettable experiences facilitated by you that will keep them coming back for more.

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Increase  Marketing ROI

Large retailers worldwide have recognised the importance of customer loyalty and are increasingly turning to travel to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition and repeat purchases.  Cosco Travel, Carrefour Voyage, Aller Travel  Trek Travel and Europe's largest retailer German Rewe Group all have one thing in common: they expanded into the travel industry to create a loyalty brand that expanded their existing portfolio. Offering travel experiences has allowed these brands to connect with their customers on a deeper level, providing an immersive, brand-related experience that cannot be found in-store or by other travel operators.

Why Your Brand Travel?

Let us do the work. Invest your time where it's needed

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Tailored for your brand

We don't offer a one size fits all.

We provide a custom solution, using our years of experience in travel to hand-pick hotels and suppliers that will provide the highest quality service to your customers and fit your brand identity. Every stage of the communication between YBT and your customer is white-labelled, ensuring that your brand is front and centre.

We take care of your customers as if they were our own, providing 7 days a week customer support and a team of account managers to ensure that your clients are happy. We want them to have the best possible experience so that they keep coming back to you.

Increase sales

With Your Brand Travel's gift cards and coupon system, you can offer your products with an added value that your clients won't get from a traditional travel agency or retailer. The link between your products and the travel services white-labelled as your own will create a natural sales funnel that will increase ROI.

Provide gift cards on core business when your clients buy packages and activities

Integrate your existing loyalty schemes

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Exclusive bundles that represent your brand

Our branded travel experiences allow your audience to explore new destinations that harmonise with your brand identity. Your customers can choose from a selection of travel experiences carefully curated to match your brand values. Your customers will appreciate the unique, hand-picked experiences we put together, and you'll be able to show off your brand in a new light.

Branded customer service experience

Custom orientated travel bundles for added value

Include loyalty points and gift cards

Team of ready-to-go experts to white-label our service


From average size to enterprise solutions - YBT has it all.

Our Travel Studio managed and operated by travel professionals enhances the power of our AI platform. We have packages that suits brands of  different sizes and industries tailored to their needs

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